Custom Makeup Design

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Customized and Tone-Matched Cosmetics

When you are wearing colors that look fabulous on you, they bring your natural appearance to life.  They also reduce the appearance of imperfections like discoloration, dark circles, and lines.  This same color theory applies to your makeup.

custom blended foundation

2 hour makeup design appointment

  • I will create a custom blended foundation unique to your skin tone.
  • I will show you how to apply your makeup for the best results.

We will use the most attractive cosmetics for your coloring. When you have the perfect lipstick color, you won’t have to worry about having multiple colors to match your various outfits.

We will select shadows and lipsticks to go with your everyday look, through to your happy hour and then evening looks.  A clear instruction sheet will be provided to help you when you get home.

Custom Blended Foundation

Your Custom-Blended Foundation

Many clients have gone from, never wearing foundation or only wearing powder, to falling in love with the foundation I have blended for them.  Their favorite comment is having received a compliment from someone stating that they couldn’t even tell the client was wearing foundation!

You may also have your foundation mixed outside of the makeup design appointment.  I will schedule 1 hour for just foundation mix/update. There is no additional charge for foundation mixing, only the cost of the foundation.


I carry a full line of cosmetics and am always adding new colors.  Color U will work quickly to find replacement colors when one is discontinued.  In department stores, you will spend hundreds of dollars trying to find the ‘right’ color only to discover it doesn’t even come close!

Makeup Design Appointment:  $100.00
(waived with $100 cosmetic purchase)

Custom Foundation:   $45.00/bottle

All Other Cosmetics:  Prices Vary

Gift Certificates Available

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